Best Claw Gloves for Gardening in 2021

Although gardening gloves are not for everyone, they are a crucial way to protect your hands from scratches and bruises. They also allow you to work more with your hands as opposed to needing tools for everything.

Choosing gardening claws is the best option for when you are weeding and digging as they serve as a small hoe. The gloves are handy and give you the freedom to tend to your garden without any restrictions.

Finding a great pair that will not only fit but last can be quite difficult, but this guide should help you.

Best Claw Gloves for Gardening in 2021

NamePuncture ResistantWaterproofFlexibilityPrice
Garden Genie GlovesYesYesFlexible enough to let you work on all your gardening
Garden Genie -Honey Badger Garden GlovesYesYesFlexible and easy to use
FX Garden Gloves with 8 Fingertips ClawsYesYesFlexible and easy to use
YTH Garden Gloves with ClawsyesWaterproofFlexible and easy to use
WEBSUN Garden Genie GlovesYesWaterproofFlexible and easy to use
Wekoil Garden Genie GlovesPuncture resistantWaterproofFlexible and easy to use

Through research, testing, and reading dozens of reviews, I’ve compiled this list of top 10 claw gloves for gardening in 2021:

Garden Genie Glovesgarden genie gloves with claws waterproof

Made from durable rubber and puncture free material this is one glove that you will enjoy working with. Despite it being made from rubber, it is still pretty breathable hence keeping your hands cool even in the hot summer. The claws on the gloves are environmentally friendly and robust enough to help you dig through the dirt and weed. It is convenient and comfortable.


  • Breathable gloves hence they are comfortable to wear for long.
  • Good fit for most people.
  • They are washable and durable even after several uses.
  • They are affordable.


  • It may feel a bit tight for people with large hands.

Garden Genie -Honey Badger Garden Gloves

garden genie honey badger garden gloves with claws

They are made from eco-friendly and breathable material that ensures your comfort even when working in the hot sun. The gloves come with three claws that are perfectly balanced, so you do not feel uncomfortable when using them. As a plus, you can order the gloves on the hand of your choice, so it is perfect for everyone left or right handed.


  • Excellent quality material makes it very durable.
  • The claws are sturdy and well placed hence easy to use.
  • They come in different sizes suitable for both men and women.


  • Getting the hang of using the claws may take time.

FX Garden Gloves with 8 Fingertips Claws

fx garden gloves with 8 fingertips claws

These gloves are excellent if you are looking for a specialized pair for planting and weeding. They have eight claws leaving out only the thumbs so they may be uncomfortable for other gardening tasks that involve tools. The material is still breathable and durable, so you don’t need to worry about sweating and discomfort. They also have a tight fit on the wrists so that they may not slide off when working.


  • Eight claws make planting easy and fun.
  • Has a universal size that fits most hand sizes.
  • The material is puncture free so that they can last a long time.


  • For larger hands, the fit may be a bit too tight.

YTH Garden Gloves with Claws

yht garden gloves with claws

They are another specialized pair that will make planting in your garden a breeze. The glove is well constructed with waterproof yet breathable material. The claws are made using ABS plastic which is strong and durable. They come in a one size fits all which is excellent since they stretch out without being too lose for those with smaller hands.


  • Breathable material makes them comfortable.
  • The eight claws are lightweight hence not awkward using them.
  • Are strong enough to be used in other areas that require digging.


  • Doesn’t have sizes options hence unsuitable for some people.

WEBSUN Garden Genie Gloves

websun garden genie waterproof gloves with claws

The perfect pair for all your digging, weeding and planting needs. They have sharp claws on each hand, so it is not weird if you dislike having unbalanced gloves.

The gardening gloves also come in one size fits most that is perfect for both children and adults alike. It is made from high-quality and durable material that doesn’t lose elasticity making it slide off.


  • They have a perfect fit for most people.
  • The claws on each hand make planting, weeding and digging easy.
  • The quality of the glove is excellent with breathable material.


  • The claws may get in the way of other activities around the garden.

Wekoil Garden Genie Gloves

wekoli garden genie gloves with fingertip claws for digging

These lightweight garden gloves are a great pair that may work for your preferences. They only have claws on four fingers hence they are suitable if you intend on using other tools in the garden. It is made using waterproof rubber in the front with a breathable patch at the Back of the hand. That helps in keeping you cool and dry.


  • Multifunctional gloves that allow you to dig and plant as well as use other tools.
  • You can get the claws on either hand as you wish.
  • It comes in one size fits most with an excellent fit.


  • Having one size leaves out people with larger hands.

What to Consider When Choosing Gardening Gloves with Claws

Some of the critical factors to look at before buying a claw gardening glove include:

  • Do you prefer claws on the one hand or both? They each have their benefits and cons, so you need to know what will work for you.
  • They need to be comfortable to use. Not all claw gloves are made the same way so what you choose has to be comfortable for you to use.
  • Your garden claws need to be breathable especially if you spend a long time in the garden otherwise you will sweat a lot, and it will be uncomfortable.

How do Gardening Gloves with Claws Make Your Gardening Easier?

The primary way that gardening gloves make your work more comfortable is that they allow you to work without using some tools such as a shovel. They are great for digging, planting and weeding whether you are pulling or digging the weeds out. If you find having both hands with claws uncomfortable, you should buy one with only a single hand with claws. Furthermore, they are one of the basic gardening protective wear especially if you are pregnant and still want to garden.

Gardening gloves with claws are a must have for any serious gardener as the claws come in handy when working. They will eliminate the need to go back every time to get tools and generally make gardening more enjoyable.