Best circular saw for beginners in 2022

A circular chain saw is an essential tool for all woodworkers. But it is also a convenient tool to own if you like to do a lot of doing it yourself home improvement projects. It beats trying to cut your wood planks with a manual saw. It saves you a lot of energy as well as time. And it cut in a straight line, which is a task when it comes to using a manual saw unless you have clamped your wooden plank. And even then, you might still not get it perfectly straight.

With the myriad of circular saw options in the market currently, it is difficult to know which brand would be best suited to your needs and a good value for money. It would be a shame to invest in a circular saw only to end up with a dud. Keep reading to find out the best circular saw for beginners.

Top 5 Circular Saw For Beginners Of 2021

NamePowerMax Cutting DepthCutting BevelPrice
DEWALT DWE575SB15 AMP motor with Electric Brake2.55"-22.5° to 45° Check Price
BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B20V cordless motor1.5"up to 45° Check Price
Hitachi C7SB2 115 Amp corded Motor2.375"0-55° Check Price
PORTER-CABLE PCE30015 Amp corded motor2.5"up to 45° Check Price
Makita 5007MGA15 Amp corded motor2.5"0°-56° Check Price


When it comes to circular saws, the Dewalt brand is among the topmost highly recommended in the circular saw buying guides. It is a lightweight and compact 15Amps saw that delivers incredible power. It has an electric brake for easy control, a patented 15-Amp motor, a 57-Degree beveling capacity with positive stops at 45-Degree and 22.5-Degree, and an integrated dust blower.

It has a ball bearing lower guard that provides a durable design that is resistant to dust contamination. It also has a high grade stamped aluminum shoe that offers the user with a durable and smooth base for accurate cutting. A patented robust cord protection system provides 3x durability against cord pull-out. And an on-board blade wrench storage makes it easy to store and carry.


  • Electric Brake
  • Patented 15-Amp motor
  • 57-Degree beveling capacity
  • Integrated Dust blower


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable design
  • High grade stamped aluminum shoe


  • Too thin cannot handle heavy-duty tasks
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This is the king of circular saw 101 adventures. It is manageable but robust at the same time. It has a high torque motor and a 5-1/2-inch blade that provides smooth and fast cutting in a variety of styles. It has a tool-free depth of cut that allows for easy depth adjustments. The saw’s bevel adjustment has detents at 45 and 90 degrees, which allow for accurate angled cuts. The saw works with the entire BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX System. And its compact design makes it easy to use.


  • High torque motor
  • Tool-free depth of cut
  • Bevel adjustment


  • Compact design
  • Easy depth adjustments
  • Ease of use


  • Does not have enough power to cut thick pieces of wood
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Hitachi C7SB2 1

The Hitachi circular saw is a perfect beginner’s circular saw. It has a bevel capacity from 0-55 degrees. It also has an adjustable lever that stops at 0,45 and 55 degrees, thereby presenting a wide range of beveling applications. The saw is made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy for increased life span. It has a one-piece base that makes it steady, and it offers easy to read front and side scales for accurate measurement.

The saw also has a cutting depth lever for more comfortable usage. And for maximizes user comfort and control, it is equipped with a non-slip Elastomer grip handle. Lastly, its 15 Amp motor generates a no-load saw speed of 5,800 rpm and an output of up to 2,100 watts, which makes cutting hardwood planks much easier. 


  • Bevel capacity from 0-55 degrees
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy
  • One-piece base
  • Cutting depth lever
  • 15-amp motor


  • Adjustable lever
  • Wide range of beveling applications
  • Non-slip elastomer grip handle


  • Stops when cutting thicker wood
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Equipped with a 15-amp motor running at 5,500 RPM. This saw can power through wood with ease. It has a steel shoe with an optimum line of sight that provides accurate cuts and durable construction. It also has a spindle lock and depth adjustment for quick adjustments. The saw has an Aux handle that enhances comfort during use as well as a clear line of sight.

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The saw has metal upper and lower guards that provide extended durability.


  • 15-amp motor
  • Steel shoe
  • Metal upper and lower guards


  • Spindle lock
  • Depth adjustment
  • AUX handle


  • The blade jams when cutting thick wood
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Makita 5007MGA

Makita circular saw comes with an electric brake for maximum productivity. It uses magnesium components to create a lightweight saw that is easy to use. It has a powerful 15.0-amp motor that delivers 5, 800 RPM. It has a large cutting capacity from 2-1/2 inch at 90°. And a bevel capacity from 0° to 56° with positive stops at 22.5°, 45°, and 56°. It is equipped with large rubberized levers for quick and easy one-handed adjustments. Additionally, you can easily change from 0° to 45° and back using positive stops. That is connected to the easy-to-grip-levers.


  • Electric brake
  • Magnesium components
  • 0-amp motor
  • Bevel capacity (0°-56°)
  • E.D. lights


  • Rubberized levers
  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Ultra-Coated Framing Blade


  • Not ideal for cutting angles
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Now that you know what characteristics the best circular saw for beginners needs to possess. You can go ahead and order one online or purchase one from your local home improvement store. Just make sure it is strong enough to cut through hardwoods and thicker wood planks. Also, ensure it has a strong blade, and it does not wobble when in use.