Best Chainsaw Gloves in 2022

Chainsaws while being convenient are also a dangerous tool that may maim if not used properly. But in some cases, the accident is out of your control, and the best you can do is get a little extra protection. As they say prevention is better than cure.

You should probably invest in a pair of chainsaw pants and chaps as well as gloves if you have to use one precariously as you do a balancing act. It would be detrimental to try chopping off branches while not wearing any protective gear. For this reason, you need to ensure you get the best chainsaw gloves you can afford.

Top 5 Chainsaw Gloves in 2021

Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-L Titan XTNylon 24% / Polyurethane 16% / PVC 13% / Polyester 12% / Rubber 10% / Neoprene 9% / Kevlar® 8% / Cotton 7% / Velcro 1%- High visbility color
- Thick protective TPR
- 5.0mm EVA anti vibration foam
- Kevlar liner
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Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-LNylon 30% / Polyester 25% / PVC 15% / Polyurethane 10% / Kevlar® 9% / Cotton 8% / Rubber 2% / Velcro 1%- Cut resistant Kevlar by DuPont
- ANSI Cut Level 3, ANSI Puncture Level 4
- Soft Terry Crop top for sweat wiping
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Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS/XLVelcro, Lycra, Stretchy Nylon, Goatskin Leather- EN 381:1999 Class O chainsaw glove certified
- Water repellent
- Anti vibration reinforcement
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Husqvarna 579380210 Functional Saw Protection GlovesSpandex back, Goatskin palm- Cut resistant left hand
- High reflective colors
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Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-L Titan XT

These protective chainsaw gloves are composed of 24% Nylon, 16% Polyurethane, 13% PVC, 12% Polyester, 10% Rubber, 9% Neoprene, 8% Kevlar®, 7% Cotton, and 1% Velcro. ted

The glove is fully lined with DuPont Kevlar fiber for increased cut and puncture resistance. It also has a thick TPR layer is strategically placed on the top of the hand to prevent injury. Additionally, a 5.0mm EVA Foam is sewn into the palm to dampen vibration and impact. It also has high visibility lime coloring along with 3M Scotchlite on the knuckle to enhance visibility when it’s dark.

The glove has a 3Dergonomic design for increased comfort. The top part of the glove features a textured multi-directional stretch nylon-spandex fabric that allows it to stretch while blocking heat and moisture from getting to the hands. This keeps you cool and comfortable while maintaining support.


  • Anti-Vibe
  • Smash Protection
  • Impact Resistant
  • lined with Kevlar fiber
  • TPR knuckle bumpers


  • Hi-visibility in lowlight conditions
  • Non-slip reinforcement for durability
  • Double-stitched for extended life


  • Stitching thread used is not strong enough to hold the glove together
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Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L

These gloves are the best anti-vibration chainsaw gloves. They offer a cut-resistant performance work glove that is completely lined throughout with Kevlar fiber by DuPont. The outer glove is a heavy-duty performance glove featuring non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers, and thumb for lasting grip and durability. The gloves are also ANSI certified. And a soft terry cloth is sewn onto the top of the thumb so you can comfortably wipe away sweat and debris from your face and eyes.

The glove pattern features a palm, top, separate thumb piece, and finger side panels. Thus ensuring that the glove fits securely on your hand so that you can perform any number of tasks without taking the glove off. The outer glove features extensive non-slip reinforcement to provide excellent grip and lasting durability.


  • Dupont Kevlar fiber
  • General Utility Plus
  • Non-slip reinforcement
  • Supportive cuff
  • Padded knuckle


  • Superior comfort and dexterity
  • Non-slip reinforcement for durability and grip
  • Non-slip saddle reinforcement


  • Stitching on the seams is not strong
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Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves- 385CS/XL

The Endura glove meets the EN 381:1999 Class 0 chainsaw gloves test. They are water-repellent due to the smooth grain goatskin leather used. The palms have built-in anti-vibration reinforcement. And the elasticized Velcro wrists improve comfort and keep out debris. They also have Hi-viz yellow backs designed for optimal visibility. Additionally, the stretchy nylon/Lycra fabric at the back of the hands features a water-repellent, breathable membrane.

These gloves are comfortable, dexterous, and good looking. They feature an eight-layer lining of Kevlar® on the back of the left hand. The gloves have a custom chain-arrest woven Kevlar® that provides top-notch cut resistance designed to withstand a chainsaw running at 3140 feet per minute.


  • Water-repellent
  • Goatskin leather palms have
  • Anti-vibration reinforcement
  • Elasticized Velcro wrists
  • Hi-viz yellow backs


  • Optimal visibility
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable


  • The rubber padding rubs off after constant use
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Husqvarna 579380210 Functional Saw Protection Gloves

Husqvarna gloves are cut-resistant in the left hand, and they are the safest chainsaw gloves in the market currently. They have spandex fabric on the backside, goatskin palms and they come in high visibility colors. They also have a reflective crown H logo.


  • Spandex fabric back
  • Goatskin palm
  • High visibility colors


  • Highly visible in the dark
  • Made for extra comfort
  • Made from durable material


  • The sizes are off
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You still need to be extra careful when handling your chainsaw. Even if you are in full body armor, you still cannot afford to use the chainsaw cautiously. You may put others around you in jeopardy if you use your chainsaw for commercial applications; or if your family is with you in the yard as you trim off unruly branches or fallen trees.

And chances are they will not be in protective gear. Always ensure that the individual handling the chainsaw is wearing the best chainsaw gloves while handling the chainsaw. You can also throw in hearing protection and a helmet with a visor for extra protection. Safety should always come first.