Best aftermarket weed eater head

If you are an organic farmer or pro-organic pesticides, you may have a harder time getting natural weed killers that can get the job done in one try. You may also have to spend a lot more money on the organic weed killer than you would on the regular pesticides.

This may be a significant deterring factor when it comes to staying committed to organic farming and yard care. If you need to save money, you may need to consider getting a weed eater.

What Is A Weed Eater?

It is a gardening tool that uses a sort of durable string to cut grass and weeds instead of a regular blade. It helps to eliminate weeds without using any harmful pesticides that may harm you and your loved ones. A motor rotates the head that houses the string, which cuts the grass and weeds. It delivers a lower cut similar to a close shave that is ideal for killing weeds.

This makes it perfect for use on uneven terrain like contoured shavers. By doing so, it eliminates the chances of weed being left behind and rein filtrating your garden or yard. Here are the best aftermarket weed-eater heads in the market currently.

Top 5 Aftermarket Weed Eater Head

MaxPower PivoTrim Universal Replacement 3317233

This is one of the best replacement weed eater head in the market currently. It accepts .080″ and .095″ diameter line, and it fits most trimmer models. It also cuts with six pivoting lines to prevent breakage.

The weed eater head is quick and easy to use, and the kit comes with a premium pre-cut trimmer line.


  • Accepts .080″ and .095″ diameter line
  • Fits most trimmer models
  • Six pivoting lines


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Comes with adapters
  • Comes with premium pre-cut trimmer line


  • Not ideal for regular use
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Husqvarna 966674401 T25

Husqvarna replacement weed eater head fits a 322L trimmer. It is easy to use, and it can hold 0.065-inch, 0.080-inch, or 0.095-inch gauge trimmer lines. It features a split spool design, and it comes pre-wound with .080″ (T25C) or.095″ (T25) TitaniumForceâ„¢ trimmer line.

The head is designed for straight shafts. The trimmer heads feature an easy to reload spool that comes off with the cap, eliminating the need to turn the trimmer upside down to reload the line. The spool also has a split design that reduces tangling and line welding.

It also has arrows to show the correct directional winding of the line to eliminate guesswork. The spool also has two key slots to lock the trimmer line in and keep it from unwrapping while putting the cap back on the trimmer head.


  • 065-inch, 0.080-inch or 0.095-inch gauge trimmer line
  • Split Spool design
  • Straight shafts
  • Easy to reload spool
  • Two key slots


  • Easy to use
  • Comes pre-wound with .080″ (T25C) or.095″ (T25)titaniumforceâ„¢ trimmer line
  • Less tangling and line welding


  • It gets tangled in the long grass
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Echo 99944200907 Speed-Feed 400 Universal Trimmer Head

The ECHO aftermarket weed whacker head is OEM certified, and it can work with curved Or straight shafts. It is compatible with Echo PAS-225, GT-2200, SRM-225, and SRM-280 trimmer models.

It also works with other brand trimmers as well.


  • OEM Certified
  • Works with Curved Or Straight Shafts
  • Compatible with Echo PAS-225, GT-2200, SRM-225, or SRM-280 trimmers


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Easy to replace


  • It has a loose fit and keeps coming off
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Shakespear Push N Load Trimmer Head 14547 Fits Most Models

The Shakespeare easy load string trimmer head uses an easy push and load mechanism to latch on. The Push-N-Load trimmer head offers a quality cut, so your yard looks neatly manicured at all times. The trimmer has a universal fit, and it can be used with most curved and straight shaft gas trimmers for added convenience.

The weed eater uses a 0.095-in diameter pre-cut line for quick and easy replacements. It also requires a tool-free, 5-minute installation that allows you to get to work fast. The kit includes a trimmer head, six strips of premium trimmer line, and an installation kit.


  • 095-in diameter pre-cut line
  • Tool-free, 5-minute installation
  • Six strips of premium trimmer line


  • Offers a quality close cut
  • Fits most curved and straight shaft gas trimmers
  • Easy to use


  • The strings wear out too fast
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WW EZ Lock Head

This weed eater replacement part is ideal for trimming and edging grass. It has a continuous cutting motion that allows for fewer stops to change the line. It has quick and easy line loads to eliminate the frustration of working with tangled spools. The weed eater cuts with four lines, and it is a universal fit, and it works with most gas curved and straight shaft trimmers.


  • Universal fit for 99 percent of all gas curved and straight shaft trimmers
  • Continuous cutting motion
  • 4-line cut


  • Ideal for trimming and edging grass
  • Time-efficient due to the continuous cut
  • Quick and easy line loads


  • Difficult to remove from trimmer
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There are electric, gasoline, and battery-powered weed eaters in the market currently. The best aftermarket weed-eater heads should be durable, sturdy, capable of delivering a close cut, be used on contoured grounds, and not get tangled up in long grass or weeds. It should also have a comfortable ergonomic handle for easier use. If in doubt, opt for one of the products reviewed above.